Who would’ve thought that Heroic Wear Fashion would be turning ONE in just a few months? I am so blessed and grateful to celebrate this huge milestone in my life! I launched my blog on my 20th birthday last year thinking only my family and myself would read the content. Look at God, now I’m getting more shares than I thought I’d ever have, inspiring individuals every day, one post at a time. I’m just living my dreams. View Post

        The Parisian BERET X Ruffle Sleeve #WinterFashion

Hello everyone , I’m back again with my Final Winter look for the month of February. So unfortunately I’ve been loving the awe-inspiring, creative, ruffle sleeve look! It’s so artsy, and fun. It reminds me of the Bell sleeve, but the Ruffle sleeve in my opinion has a little bit more pizazz to it.

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Happy Valentines Day Everyone! My 19 years of living I’ve never celebrated Valentines day (only with family). . . maybe because I’ve never had a Valentine? or just didn’t want one? or was just too popping to be anyone’s Valentine lol. Never mind me. Now that I’m 20 , and I have my blog I’ve decided to use this day to showcase my personal style plus some V-day outfit inspiration.

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I know that Life can throw so many curve balls at us when we’re least expected and sometimes when life does we panic, we react off of emotion, we give up, and we change, but not for the better because we feel like we’ve done all we could. We tend to go into this “whatever” mood because we think since this goal or this plan didn’t work out.. we might as well settle for this, or live our lives this way.

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