Fur is ART!


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 Hello everyone, I’m back with a new blog post and YES I’m anxious and excited. Today’s look is a Fur look. If you want to read about what I said, and see some beautiful pictures keep reading. . .

It’s officially fur season yay!!

Fur is like a piece of art to me, it just adds that pop of style to your winter looks. The Cheetah Print style is one of my favorite fur looks. It’s so edgy , sophisticated, and daring. The key to making your fur print pop, is to make sure your base colors are SIMPLE underneath!  Remember you are like a canvas. Make sure you don’t include any other print styles with this look (stripes, polka dots, other animals lol etc.) because it will look like too much is going on with your outfit. I decided to wear all black so my coat would be the statement piece as it should be.

Because my look is so simple, I wanted to add a pop of color to it. This is were you can start getting creative… picking the perfect colored bag. I  choose this amazing yellow bag to enhance this look. I wanted to be bold with color, and the bag complimented my outfit perfectly.  Really any color bag with this look would look absolutely stunning such as (orange, red, green, purple, pink, etc.)

Last ,but not least I topped it off with my new favorite dazzling booties and a killer red lippie. Like I said before fur is art, and in this shoot includes beautiful artwork in the background!  Outfit details and pictures are below as usual. I hope you all Enjoy, Share, and Subscribe. I have plenty more looks to come!

Ttyl my fellow Heroes!!

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DSCN0831 (4)


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DSCN0830 (2)

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Coat: Thrifted (It was brand new too , AmazeBalls!!)

Booties: Bargain Hunt

Bag: Burlington

Turtle neck: The Limited Outlet



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