MINI Room Decor 2017


Hello guys, welcome back. Today’s post is a bit different from the rest but it’s something I enjoy doing ALOT and that is DIY projects. Home Decor, Interior design, painting are all like fashion to me. I’m a lover of all things that are artistic and creative. Trust me when I buy my first home you all will get to see how I designed and put together everything on my own. Today’s DIY project will focus on spray painting Mason jars. YAY!!

Mason Jars are perfect for decorating. You can design and use them for flowers, pencils, makeup brushes, etc. I decided to decorate mines and use them to put my makeup brushes in. You don’t necessarily have to have a mason jar, you can use any type of jar (pickle jar or cans).



-Painting tape

-Spray Paint


-Mason Jars


 For the First Jar, I wanted to create a stripe effect. It was very simple. All I did was wrap the blue painter’s tape around the jar and spray painted over it.

For the rest of the Jars,  I decided to spray paint them ALL OVER completely. Make sure you have something to lay underneath the jars while spray painting. I used a plastic table cloth instead of a wash towel because it pretty much covered up the floor space in my room. Spray paint travels/spreads. Once I was done I wrapped the cloth up and threw it away instead of messing up a wash towel.




This is pretty much how everything turned out. I was leaning towards a rose gold, metalic, finish and I absolutely LOVE it! I hope you all decide to try this quick and easy DIY project. Don’t forget to SHARE my post below! Thanks for tuning in !





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