Beauty Tip Tuesday!–April 2017

Hello Everyone!! It’s Beauty Tip Tuesday. I’m so excited to tell you all my secret to getting acne mark FREE skin!

Back in July 2016 (10 months ago) I’ve had one of the worst break outs EVER in my entire life. The breakout was caused by a CVS brand ( Acne Cleanser). I bought it to clear up ONE acne pimple and after I used it my skin had an allergic reaction and the next week my skin and face was red and full of disgusting pimples!

After I’ve managed to get the pimples down. I noticed they left all kinds of dark marks on my face. I was looking like a cheetah all Summer 2016 behind closed doors lol. I’m a confident girl , who know who I am, but during that stage in my life I hated how those dark marks made me feel. I never wore foundation/ makeup before the breakout, and I’ve never had to turn to makeup because my skin was always so flawless. I saw myself buying full coverage makeup, just spending money for temporary happiness!

Then a miracle happened. I remembered I had some Ambi Fade Cream that I never used before in my presence lol. I applied the Cream on my face EVERY night on the affected areas after a face wash. Now I’m not going to lie I thought it wasn’t working when month 3 hit ( the month you start seeing results). Something told me not to give up, keep using it, and stay patient. When it comes to our skin, especially our face we want to see results overnight, but we all know it doesn’t work like that. It’s a journey to everything. It is now 10 months later and my dark marks have faded away tremdously. The secret is staying consistent and in my eyes it happened FAST. Acne and dark marks can take years to clear up. I’m so thankful that I ran across this amazing product I doubted. I still use it every other night , not every night anymore because the marks have faded. I hope you’ve all felt inspired by my story and try it after a breakout. You won’t be disappointed.

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Product: Ambi Fade Cream

In stores ( Walmart, Target, Walgreens etc.)



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