Hey Guys, I’m finally back to the blogging/fashion world and today’s topic is on how to REBUILD your wardrobe on a budget! Let’s get started. . .

Rebuilding a wardrobe can be a disaster to some. Around this time of the year people are Spring cleaning, which also means throwing out old and worthless clothes they don’t wear or are useless. The question is How do they start back over? Where do they start? Well I am here to help and give you all some great tips.

Tip #1

Write Down Your Ideal Wardrobe and Create A Budget.

Map out your everyday schedule/routine. Do you work? Go to the Gym? Travel for a living? Go Out? Think of how you want to rebuild your wardrobe to fit into your everyday life. Create an overall budget on the attire you would like to invest in.

Tip #2


Start off with your staple pieces. Staple pieces are items that you can wear with anything and they never go out of style. Such as jeans, blazers, leather jackets, Denim Jackets, Trenches, Black pants, Basic/Simple T’s etc. Invest in them. Don’t buy them all at the same time. Buy them sporadically , and build from there. You can get majority of your staple items from your local thrift or during a major sale which is what I’m about to talk about next.

Tip #3


                   (Quality Over Quanity)

The best way to Shop and Rebuild your wardrobe at the same time goes  like this: During the Summer and Spring time you shop for your WINTER pieces. During the WINTER time you shop for you Summer pieces. Got it?? This is very important. You can rebuild your wardrobe faster this way because I promise every thing you pick up you CAN’T and WON’T beat! I worked in Retail and trust me, I know everything about the awesome sales. You will be able to get items that can last you a lifetime by shopping this way. For an Example, Remember that smoking hot ,but pricy $60 Michael Kors Sweater you wanted this past winter? Well is now the time to go back and get it. You could pick it up this Spring for $20 or $15 and wear it next winter and it will last a lifetime. Get the Scenerio? This is the key to building a really nice wardrobe on a budget.

This is the best way and start of REBUILDING and also creating/defining your own personal style! Your wardrobe and the look of it will change ,and continue to expand. Shop smart Always!

I hope you all enjoyed these Tips! Don’t forget to Share!!!




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