Hi guys, I’m back and today I’m talking about 2 irresistible dupes comparing to Brands like Bath N Body Works and MAC ! I hope this post is very helpful. Lets get started . . .



We all know that Bath N Body Works can be a little pricy if we’re on a fixed budget. Today I ran across an amazing brand and line at Walmart called BodyCology. They have a fewer selection than Bath N Body Works BUT they have some really great smells / scents that retails for only $3.97 a piece.  Together all of these items were $12. You really can’t beat that at all. This particular scent called Scarlet Kiss stood out to me the most it smells so lovely and is really an all purpose scent. It has a mixture of pomegranate, warm vanilla, and peach.

Where: Walmart

Price: $3.97

Irresistibly Lovely by Bodycology.

     This is another scent I fell in love with after sniffing. This is a NEW scent that was added to their line called Irresistibly Lovely. It is most definitely irresistible and smells better than some of the Bath N Body Works creams I’ve used. I love it. It’s very light and has a mixture of strawberries and pink peaonies (which is a flower). It’s the perfect scent for SPRING and it only retails for $3.97 at Walmart versus spending $13.00 for one at Bath N Body Works.

Where: Walmart

Price: $3.97


Brand: Nicka K.

MAC x BeSpoken for VERSUS Nicka K x Plum !

I love both of these lip liners honestly. They make light pinks, and purples look so bomb. Yes we all know that MAC is awesome however, this is all about getting a cheaper deal that resembles MAC lol. As you can see below these two colors are the same. MAC (on the left) Nicka K. (on the right) they both get the job done, but I paid only $3.00 for the Nicka K brand and the MAC brand was $17.00. That’s a major, and irresistible deal. The only difference between the two is the pro-long wear. Of course MAC lasts a little bit longer on your lips, but that is all. If you’re looking for a cheaper dupe on the market Nicka K. is your pick and this color is called PLUM.

(Left) MAC X BE Spoken for : Macy’s $17.00

(Right) Nicka K. X PLUM : Beauty Supply $3.00

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