Hello all and Happy Spring! Spring is technically 19 days away, but because it’s in the process of transitioning I decided, this is the perfect time to inspire others to grow. I absolutely love the Spring time, especially for inspirational purposes. 

Spring is everything because its not as hot, the flowers have bloomed, you can enjoy a good spring breeze in your car, while shining like the star you are bumping your fav. song , and letting your hair blow in the wind .

 I look at Spring as a time for new beginnings and new blessings sort of like the “new year , new me” scenario. In the winter everything is dead, there’s no life, there’s no warmth , there’s nothing. The Spring is just confirmation on how important it is to let the dead things drop , remove the deadweight you have in your life and start over and bloom again. Whether it’s with a job, a friendship, relationship, career, or even building your relationship with God it’s okay to start fresh.
With this look I decided to wear a white, off the shoulder dress and paired it with some light pastel colors. My shoes are a light pink color and my bag is a light chalk , blue color. The key to pairing pastels together is making sure your base colors are simple and the white dress was perfect to pair with.

This Year and This season it is all about SHINING. You’ve been planning all winter long and now it’s time to step out and Go get your blessing! Go get what God has for your life. SHINE everyone! A lot of stunning pictures and details are below, watch me bloom! Don’t forget to SHARE!

Dress: Either Rue or Charlotte.

Shoes: Windsor

Bag: (An old, old, Vintage gift?)

Lip: MAC x Pink Pigeon

Necklace: Tiffany






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