Have you been Stressing?

I know that Life can throw so many curve balls at us when we’re least expected and sometimes when life does we panic, we react off of emotion, we give up, and we change, but not for the better because we feel like we’ve done all we could. We tend to go into this “whatever” mood because we think since this goal or this plan didn’t work out.. we might as well settle for this, or live our lives this way.

Well I’m here to tell you all to stop stressing and inform you why this is happening. The reason why you are going through these changes is because God is transitioning you. As humans we believe that we have to see it to believe it, but if you are living in spirit, and your faith is strong you know that God is at work on your behalf. I have so many high expectations and standards set for myself. Everyday I always worry about my future, to the point where I have tunnel vision. Sometimes I get frustrated, cry, vent, panic, and all of the other emotions that stress comes with when I feel like things are not going how I want them to. After the breakdowns, I’ve learned that nothing is ever going to work out how we want them to because God already has our stories written for us.

Stop complaining, stop being negative, and stop stressing. It’s going to work out, BUT only with God’s timing not yours! We have to learn how to stay positive and be patient. People will judge you, and your circumstances , but always remember you’re not going to be in that predicament very long. It’s a test, which soon becomes a testimony, which then becomes a breakthrough for you.

STOP STRESSING, STAY HUMBLE, AND STAY FASHIONABLE beautiful people! I hope and pray that everything work out for you all! Thanks for tuning in. Don’t forget to SHARE!




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