Are You Your OWN Individual??


In a world full of “so and so taught me” or “this celeb taught me”  I’ve decided to use my love for fashion to create my very own fashion statement T-shirt saying  “I TAUGHT ME” . This means I taught myself or learned how to be my OWN individual when it comes down to fashion/personal style, and living my own life. This is also a Black History month style, and statement as well!

 This blog was created to showcase my very own PERSONAL STYLE and ideas. Expressing how I gain inspiration from my spirit & any eye catching garment from ANYWHERE , and ANY STORE ! It’s about art , ideas, creativity, and the different moods I’m in with me. Showcasing my style is like showcasing a piece of my soul. That’s how I see it .
I feel like real , authentic fashionistas, doesn’t need anyone to “teach them” how to put anything together or wear their clothes. True fashionistas’ follow their own heart and look from within, which influences their outer appearance (get what I’m saying?) . They don’t compromise their originality for trends or celebs. It was never ever about turning to celebs for inspiration. I feel like that’s where you begin to start losing your true , authentic sense of style , and own your ideas .
This outfit was created by me. My very own shirt from my clothing line, my slogan, and my very own design on my pants leg. It has my intials on them which I painted on ( Danielle Sherman). I wanted to create that drip effect on my pants leg , because I wanted to add edge to my simple look.
I’m being honest with you all because I want you guys to learn how to become your own goals, your own inspiration, and your own icon. The celebrities you wake up to look at everyday and study on social media are busy living their dreams, because they spent their time creating , and empowering themselves. YOU CAN DO THAT TOO! You’re not exempt from becoming great. Teach yourself. Educate yourself. Live for yourself. Make your OWN statement! Be Original. If I become famous it will be because of my creativity, originality, and spirit.

I wanted everyone to feel inspired by this fashion statement I made so I’ve decided to launch my clothing store on my blog. You can now go to “Shop” on here and purchase this same shirt . In honor of my new launch , I’ve decided to have a MAJOR shirt sale. The shirts are now on sale for $7.00. It will go back to it’s original price soon because of its AWESOME quality . They’re already selling out fast so get yours today ! Outfit Details are below! Enjoy some empowering pictures and shopping ! SHARE. SHARE. SHARE. I want this statement to change lives and reach millions! If you feel like you’ve taught yourself how to believe in yourself, build your self confidence, become your own goals, style yourself, and empower yourself. THIS SHIRT IS FOR YOU ! Thank you for the endless support!

Top: Heroic Wear Fashion (Shop it on here , now on sale $7.00!)
Pants: DIY
Boots: Bargain Hunt
Choker: Claires
Beret: Ordered (I forgot the store)
Bag: Clothes Mentor
Jacket:Clothes Mentor
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