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Thrifting has always been one of my go to places to shop at for years . After hunting in Forever 21 (my fav store to shop) if I couldn’t find what I was looking for there thrifting has always been number 2 on my list. 

People always make a HUGE negative deal about thrift shops like they’re too good to shop there or like all of their clothes are raggedy , blah, blah , blah. They’d rather take that L and pay an arm and a leg for the same thing that was more than likely sitting at their local thrift shop,  maybe with the tag still on there for less than $5 . Who wouldn’t grab that though? Thrifting is fun because it’s all about trying your luck man and bragging about it afterwards because it’s amazing how you never know what you may find. It’s an experience.

  Let me be the one to tell you guys that Thrift Stores too , sell INEXPENSIVE , AUTHENTIC, BRAND NEW  items! You can also find major brands like Calvin Klein, Anne Klein, Ann Taylor , Chicos, Banana Republic (fav. brand ever) , Ralph Lauren,  Liz Claiborne, and more there.

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Now let’s get into:

How to Thrift Shop?

Rule #1 – Feel the clothes/fabric and ALWAYS look for new/ very well maintenance  items. Why? is because you’re trying to keep it forever. You don’t want to buy anything that has tearing in it or messed up because it defeats the purpose. It’s not going to last.
Rule #2– Always be open minded . You may have walked into the thrift store with one item or specific style in mind, but the art of browsing around and exploring different prints, styles, patterns , and more is what makes your shopping experience like no other. When you go in with this mindset I promise you will find a lot of cool and unique items that nobody else has.

Rule #3 – Try everything on! You want to make sure you can fit into the clothes and see how they look on. I always try everything on to really see how it fits, and really get the feel of the fabric/material. I also test the novelty .

  What to look for?

Rule # 1 You ALWAYS want to look for the items and brands that are extremely high/full price at those Designer/Department stores . Look for those very same items at the THRIFT STORE!! If you think about it jeans (Tommy Hilfiger, Levi) , blazers, 2 piece suits, trench coats, and other nice clothes are all expensive at the regular stores.
You want to make sure you look for those types of items because you can get at least five 2 piece, name brand, AUTHENTIC suits under $20.  You can get 5 pairs of Authentic Tommy Hilfiger jeans for under $20! Y’all see where I’m going with this? Now that is called shopping lol.
#Rule 2 – Look for vintage items.  If you’re a vintage lover like me then the thrift store is your 2nd home lol . I love running across some lovely vintage styles and prints that I know no one else is going to have! I’m all about personal style and this kind of style gives me the freedom I want . I value Originality, and wearing something  without
saying she got the same thing as me lol. Even though that’s not important, but it’s just the principle. All in all, it’s all about making the unusual look like a masterpiece!
Rule # 3 Look for some good Books, Furniture / Home Decor items ( you may have to come back and get) , or some great movies! I’ve bought some of my best reads, favorite movies, and future furniture pieces from the thrift shop ! I’m very creative so I know what to do with my furniture to make it officially MINES!
At the end of the day it’s all about improvisation, exploring , and letting your creativity run its course! I hope you all decide to thrift shop very soon and enjoy yourselves! If your first thrift shop experience went bad , you may have to try another one and look harder! You never know what you might find !
I got more inspiration coming soon, ttyl and
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