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Whats the Secret to getting Flawless looking Makeup?


Hi bloggers, and readers I’m back to spill the beans on how to get FLAWLESS looking Makeup and I know you’ve missed me. I’ve decided to start a new segment called #BeautyTipTuesday where I blog about ONE skin product or anything that could beneath your FACE and skin tremendously. A Tuesday a month is how it goes lol. My skin isn’t the best, but I have had a lot of help with some products and plants that I’m willing to share with you all every month.

The key to getting your makeup to look flawless is having smooth, flawless, beaming skin underneath. You have to make sure your skin care regimen is on point or else your makeup will not look as GREAT as it should look at all! Are you all ready for the TOP Secret?? Lol.

*Drum Roll*

It’s the extraordinary ALOE VERA PLANT!!  


Now I know this is probably no secret to some of you, and some of you probably  heard it through the grape vine already lol. However, this is for my readers who may have heard about it, but never tried it, skeptical about trying it , or for my readers who haven’t tried it at all! I’m willing to share some insight with you from my own personal experience!

There’s alot of things that the Aloe Vera plant is good for. It’s good for your hair, healing, detoxification, acne, and more! Today I’m going to focus on the skin, even though I use it for my hair as well. I’ll save that for another day I guess lol. This plant has made my skin and makeup go from flat to FAB! I wanted my skin and makeup to look flawless for graduation . I started getting my skin together six weeks in advance  before I walked across that stage lol. What can I say, it worked my makeup was poppin! lol.

Here’s the secret: After you wash your face at night,and use your own preferable toner, make sure you use the plant as a moisturizer /mask.  Make sure you SLEEP  in the mask (every night)  so the moisture from the plant can soak into your pores and penetrate into the skin. When I tell you all I was waking up every morning with my bare skin on beam! I literally was. You really have to stay consistent with this method in order to see results with your makeup and skin! Getting flawless skin is a journey man, but I’m so glad I made the decision to try this awesome plant out! 

 Difference in the Appearance Of your Makeup!

  • It provides a healthy glow to the skin that shines through your makeup!
  • Your makeup looks smoother, and more even.
  • It looks EXTREMELY natural




Thanks for tuning in guys! I hope you all try this life saving, Miracle plant! Go get  a huge one at your local whole foods store/farmers market for $0.99. Don’t forget to click SHARE below. I want everyone to look flawless! 



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