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Hey guys , I am back with a new blog post ! Sorry for the wait school is now in session. However, I am super excited to talk about my outfit today. If you all follow the Heroic Wear Fashion page on Instagram I’m pretty sure you all have seen my DIY Polyvore Basic T x Spice outfit on there which inspired me to do an actual blog post on it.

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  40S Fashion        

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When I started empowering myself through fashion I’ve always grasped towards a modish , and sophisticated look . I’ve always found myself wearing a lot of Blazers, double breasts, dress pants, and skirts all the time. I don’t own that many pairs of blue jeans, by choice. I can literally count on my fingers how many pairs I have and this was before I knew about the looks in the 40’s .The jeans I do own have been cut , bleached, and distressed for  summer looks only.

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